Alt.Callahan's Cookbook


We put this cookbook together back in 1992/1993.

Input from around the world from the denizens, folks, and others who posted to the pLace long ago and far away.

This will be the recipes we put together. Many of the folks who put this together have moved on, a few have died.

This is to remember all of us, and the times we had, good and bad, sad and happy. It was The Place.

( No, I didn't mistype Place as pLace. A few folks wanted it that way. )

Welcome to the Callahan's Cookbook!

The USENET newsgroup alt.callahans is a rather special place for quite a lot of people. Many of the patrons have posted recipes at one time or another, either because people have requested them or because the poster wanted to share something which can be made in RL by any of the VR friends who abound in the Place.

The idea of compiling this book came to me in a flash of inspiration and imagined lack of other things to do to occupy my time. I hope that new patrons will continue to submit recipes and that this book will grow and flourish as alt.callahans does.

Thanks to all who have submitted recipes or provided helpful information along the way.

--- Danger Mouse.

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