Amaretto Almond Joy Coffee


For all those staring out their windows at the white fluffy stuff (4-8 more inches coming down today, sigh), or who just like a good, hot drink, this is a new discovery of mine that needs to be shared. I have no idea if this drink has a name. Where I grew up, Amaretto coffee has no milk in it. Besides which, I was looking more for a silly sort of name (screwdriver, et al.) After serving one to a friend last night, she nicknamed it an Almond Joy. But I wasn't sure if that was taken.

8 oz strong coffee 4 oz warm milk (capuccino works well in place of these two) 2 oz Amaretto Excessive whipped cream

Mix together, cover with whipped cream and, if desired, sprinkle with cocoa or hot chocolate mix. Looks great served in big Irish Coffee glass mugs (Wow, finally found another use for a wedding present).


Warning --- Two of these are guaranteed to induce a large nap attack, especially if you are sitting in front of the fire.

VR: Amy

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