Today I have decided to teach everyone how to made damper. I have in my swag a tin of jam, some salt, a small sack of flour. Who would like to learn?

Didi, could I please have a fire which has burnt down to red hot coals

and some green eucalypt sticks as it is probably quite hard to get the

former in a hurry and the latter in the US.

The first step is to mix the flour and some milk (whoops, I forgot to

mention milk. For those allergic to milk, water is okay) until you make

a reasonably thick dough. Divide the dough up into enough portions as required.

Roll your portion of dough into a long thin shape.

Wrap it around your stick and cook over the coals.

Turn over the damper regularly to ensure it doesn't burn.

When golden brown, pull off the stick and fill the hollow left with jam or honey.


P.S. another method of cooking is to put a large amount of dough wrapped in foil in the coals and just leave it for about an hour, but this generally ends up with the outside being overcooked.

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